Sexual Liberties are Never Free

//Sexual Liberties are Never Free

Sexual Liberties are Never Free

REALity October, 2018                                                                                Ottawa, ON

Sexual Liberties Are Never Free

The sexual revolution began in the 1960’s with the birth control pill.  Sex without the responsibility of a child was now possible.  This supposedly freed women to seek higher education, to bring them independence and interesting careers with comfortable incomes.  The sexual revolution, with the pill and abortion, have also brought the hook-up culture of casual sex, where men are no longer interested in the woman herself, but, rather, only in sexual gratification.  Women also now experience increased risk of breast cancer and infertility caused by delayed childbirth, plus sexually transmitted infections in abundance.

Sexual Infections Skyrocketing in Canada 

Due to this sexual liberation, sexually transmitted infections are rising at an alarming rate across Canada according to public health experts.

The increase in sexual infections has been exacerbated by the growth of dating apps which lead to an increasing number of people engaging in sex with multiple partners, who are often not previously known to them.  It is easier to find sex and easier to find anonymous sex than ever before by way of the internet.  This makes it harder for public health officials to track down outbreaks, as the infected individual may not even know his or her sexual partner’s name or address.

In 2015, the latest year for which national figures are available, there were almost 116,500 cases of chlamydia, the most commonly reported sexually transmitted disease, with females accounting for two-thirds of the infections.  This is a 17% increase between the years 2010 and 2015.

Also, more people appear to be having condom-less sex, including those in the homosexual community.  This is due to the fact that AIDS treatment is so effective that the infection has essentially become a chronic disease rather than a terminal illness.

All this has resulted in national statistics confirming a soaring number of bacterial sexually transmitted infections in Canada because of so-called “free” sex.

Gonorrhea is the second most commonly reported sexually transmitted disease in the country.  About 19,845 cases were reported in 2015, a jump of 65% from 2010.

From 2010 to 2015, the rate of infectious syphilis in Canada increased by almost 86% to a total of 3,321 cases in 2015.  Homosexuals are most at risk for this infection.

With all this so-called “free sex”, are people happier?  No. The so-called sexual liberation or free sex culture has led to medical and psychological problems previously unimagined.  Loneliness and increased suicides, especially for those in middle age, are much more frequent today as a result.  It has cheapened sexual relations between men and women and has freed men to opt out of family formation.  Love, intimacy and faithfulness are lost in the free sex shuffle and, without these, we are a troubled nation minus roots and permanency.

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