Trudeau’s Contradictory Behaviour

//Trudeau’s Contradictory Behaviour

Trudeau’s Contradictory Behaviour

Canadians are stuck with an impulsive, immature prime minister who is no leader. He is an individual trying to impersonate a leader. Logic, reasoning and consistency do not form a part of his decisions. His disastrous decisions have resulted in a divided country, politically, socially and economically.  Canada is in shambles.

Examples of Trudeau’s incompetency and inconsistency are abundant.  One cannot begin to list them all, but listing a few provides sufficient evidence that Canadians are facing a problem with the leader of the federal government. Trudeau is flailing around trying to display gravitas – which he lacks because of his inexperience and limited intelligence, knowledge and understanding.

Consider the following:

  1. In 2018, the federal government purchased, at a cost of $4.5 billion, the Trans Mountain pipeline, much to the anger of environmentalists.

To appease these environmentalists, Trudeau also gave $10,000 to the anti-pipeline environmental group, Tides-Canada, in January and October 2019.  This organization has a noted history of financing anti-oil campaigns in Alberta.

  1. The Chinese-owned tech giant, Huawei Technologies, is seeking to become part of Canada’s future 5G wireless network. Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of the Chinese founder of Huawei, which is controlled by the Chinese government, is being held by law enforcement officials in Vancouver pending her extradition to the U.S. on charges of fraud. In retaliation, two innocent Canadian individuals have been incarcerated in China by the Chinese government for Canada’s failure to release her.

Yet, the federal Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council has given $7 million to Canadian researchers to assist in carrying out research in collaboration with Huawei. This collaboration with Huawei serves the interests of a foreign government (China) and is creating a national security risk for Canada since it gives the Chinese government, through Huawei, access to our intelligence service operations.

  1. In 2018, the Federal Summer Jobs Program required applicants to attest that they supported the Liberal government’s ideology on abortion and sexual issues. This caused an angry response from faith-based groups.

As a result, in 2019, the controversial attestation was removed from the application form.  However, the new application form still required applicants to refrain from restricting a woman’s access to “sexual and reproductive health”. As a result of this requirement, children’s summer camps operated by Christian churches, although open to all children, have been refused funding because of their “controversial church doctrines and discriminatory” hiring policies based on their religious beliefs. These beliefs have existed for thousands of years, but the Trudeau government believes they are offensive.

In 2020, the application form was amended yet again to require applicants to refrain from “partisan political activities”. In effect, the Liberal government is forcing applicants to comply with its own “partisan political views” on sexual and reproductive health. This is hypocrisy.

  1. In February 2020, Trudeau spent a week in Africa drumming up support for his vanity project of getting Canada elected to a useless UN Security Council seat for a two year period. The 15 member UN Security Council is ruled by the five permanent members who have a veto over all decisions. Why bother with this superficial temporary appointment?

Trudeau wooed African countries to vote for Canada’s election to the Security Council even though, in 2017, he gave $650 million to provide abortions in African countries, i.e. to kill African children, and to promote feminism there.  Abortion and feminism are contrary to the culture and religion of most African nations. Trudeau further increased Canada’s unsavoury contribution to African countries for abortion and feminist projects to $7.1 billion over the next 10 years. He made this grant in June 2019 while he attended an international feminist conference in Vancouver. This coercive Western pressure on African beliefs and traditions is similar to the exploitation of Africans in the 19th century by some Western governments.

At a press conference with Senegal’s prime minister, Macky Sali, Trudeau stated, “We all know that Senegal is a leader in terms of democracy”. Senegal, however, sends homosexuals to prison for their sexual activity, which Prime Minister Sali defended by stating it was simply reflecting the “vision and…way of living in the country”. In February 2019, Trudeau gave $30 million to promote homosexual and gender identity in the developing world, including Africa. A further $10 million will be awarded annually, in perpetuity, to advance the homosexual agenda in the developing world, including Africa. Trudeau not only displays black face, but also two faces.

  1. While Trudeau was attempting to charm Africans, back at home in Canada, railroads and highways were being illegally blocked by activists in support of five Indigenous hereditary chiefs who objected to a pipeline being built in Northern B.C. Most of the Indigenous bands in the area, however, wanted this pipeline to be built for economic advancement.

These blockades have caused billions of dollars in damage to the Canadian economy.  Not wishing to offend either these few indigenous chiefs objecting to the project, or his “progressive” environmental supporters, Trudeau refused to stop the blockades, insisting instead that “negotiations” will solve the problem. The so-called negotiations have not gone well as the elected band leaders were not consulted and will not accept the decisions of the hereditary chiefs.

  1. In 2014, Trudeau announced that senators henceforth would be “independent” and would no longer be “partisan” representatives of the political parties in the Senate. He removed the Liberal Senators from his caucus. Undeterred, these former Liberal Senators regrouped, calling themselves, what else, “Liberal Senators.” To appoint future senators, Trudeau set up a committee of leftist elites to make recommendations to him for appointments to the Senate. Not surprisingly, this liberal committee has recommended only left-leaning elites to the Senate. These included bureaucrats who worked under Liberal governments, left-wing individuals working as NGOs and left-wing university professors. No ordinary, mainstream non-partisan individuals have been appointed to the Senate under this system. As a result, apart from 35 Senators appointed under the Conservatives, the Senate consists mainly of politically correct elites who claim they are “independent”, but are no such thing. Their purpose is only to assure that Trudeau’s bills sail through the Senate under the false banner of “independence”.
  1. In 2016, Trudeau claimed that he wanted to create a transparent and accountable process to appoint judges. He set up what he called an “independent, non-partisan” Advisory Board, which was to submit recommendations of judges to him. The Advisory Board consisted of seven members, and was headed by Kim Campbell, a Conservative Prime Minister for two months, who is a self-acknowledged feminist. The other members of the Advisory Board are also notable for their left-wing leanings thus allowing Trudeau to stack the deck against appointments of any social conservative to the courts.

If this wasn’t sufficient deception, on February 19, 2020, the Globe and Mail disclosed that the names of the candidates nominated by the Advisory Board were extensively reviewed by the political staff in the Prime Minister’s Office, Liberal MPs and other active party members. The names of the recommended nominees were also cross checked on the Liberal Party’s donor list.

These layers of partisan interference with the appointment of judges indicates that the key factor in judicial appointments under Trudeau is Liberal Party allegiance rather than legal merit. Even the Toronto (Red) Star, in an editorial dated February 24, 2020, raised objections to the Liberal judicial appointment system. The headline to the editorial was, “Non-Liberal Judges Need Not Apply”, which sums up the problem.  The appointment process for judges set up by Trudeau is a fraud, which undermines the judicial system. Since his election in 2015, Trudeau has appointed 289 judges whose judicial merit is questionable. For example, Judge Francesca Marzari, appointed to the B.C. Supreme Court in 2017 by Trudeau, was the judge who concluded that a father’s objection to his daughter’s transition to male identity was “family violence” and ordered him to address his daughter only in male pronouns.(See article REALity March 2020)

Judge Marzari worked for 20 years with the legal arm of the feminist movement the Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF) (see article on LEAF in this issue).  She stated “my involvement with … LEAF over nearly 20 years has exposed me to many of the issues… that matter most to women in the advancement of the law”. That is, to feminist women. With some exceptions, Canadians cannot expect impartial justice before the courts at this time in our history.

Trudeau is fooling no one with his deceitful attempts to pretend that his decisions are in the “best interest” of Canadians. His incoherent and inconsistent decisions indicate that he is acting only in the “best interest” of himself and the Liberal Party.