The Boy Scouts Are Lost

//The Boy Scouts Are Lost

The Boy Scouts Are Lost

REALity August, 2018                                                                                                                    Ottawa, ON

The Boy Scout Movement began in 1908 when British Boer War hero, Robert Baden-Powell, published a book called “Scouting for Boys”. It was a handbook about camping, tracking nature trails, woodcraft, boating, life-saving, patriotism and chivalry. It also emphasized the importance of morality and good deeds. Its motto was “Be Prepared”. Baden-Powell organized the Girl Guides in 1910 as a separate organization.

The Scout Movement was an instant success and quickly spread around the world. Unfortunately, the Scout Movement has strayed a long, long way from its roots.

In the U.S., because of homosexual pressure, aided by pressure from U.S. corporations sympathetic to homosexuality, which were funding the organization, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) agreed in 2013 to accept youth of any sexual orientation as members. This occurred even though the U.S. Supreme Court in Boy Scouts of America vs. Dale in 2000 held that the Boy Scouts had the right to exclude homosexual youth from its membership owing to its constitutional right to freedom of association, and that BSA was a private organization, entitled to make its own rules.

In 2015, the BSA agreed to change its policy to allow homosexuals to become scout leaders. This occurred despite the fact that the BSA had been required to pay many times over the years, millions of dollars to scouts who had been sexually abused by scout leaders. Notorious Canadian pedophile and former scout leader, Richard Turley, stated that “Scouting is a … flawed movement. If I were a parent, I would never put my kids in Scouts” (CBC News, October 21, 2011). Homosexuals vigorously try to deny that the incidence of pedophilia is much higher among homosexuals than among heterosexuals on a per capita basis. That is, research confirms that homosexuals molest children at a higher rate than heterosexuals. This is a fact that the mainstream media rarely disclose. Consequently, the decision to allow homosexual scout leaders was not in the best interest of its young members.

Moving right along, however, in January 2017, the BSA next announced that transgender girls would be allowed to enroll in “boys only” programs. Previously, the sex listed on an applicant’s birth certificate determined eligibility for this program. Also in 2017, the BSA welcomed girls to become members.

Finally, in May 2018, the BSA announced that it was dropping the horrible word “boy” from its name.

This was all too much for the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) who decided to cut their ties with Boy Scout programs both in Canada and the U.S. The Mormon participation in the Boy Scouts amounted to 610,000 boys. This loss of scouts from the BSA reduced its membership by 20%. In the 1960’s, the Boy Scouts in the U.S. consisted of 4 million boys. The organization has nose-dived to 2.5 million scouts today.

Scouts Canada

Scouts Canada is separate and distinct from the U.S. Boy Scouts. Scouts Canada, however, has led other countries in departing from its Christian roots by abandoning its history. In 1998, Scouts Canada allowed females, atheists, agnostics, homosexuals, bisexuals and trans-sexuals to join the organization. In 1999, Scouts Canada approved the establishment of an all-homosexual scout troop to march in Canada’s gay pride parades. In 2004, within five years of its last controversial decision, scouting membership in Canada had decreased over 50%. Many scouting camps and offices were closed and staff were laid off. In 1965, Scouts Canada had 288,084 members, but its membership was 61,438 in 2015 – 2016.

World Scout Jamboree, West Virginia, August 2019

The Scout Movement in Canada, U.S. and Mexico is hosting the world scouting Jamboree to be held in West Virginia in August, 2019. The theme of this Jamboree is “Unlock a New World”. That is an accurate theme because, according to a 2016 handbook provided by the World Scout Committee, it demands that condoms be made readily available at Jamborees. The three country Planning Committee for the Jamboree has consequently declared it will guarantee that “condoms are readily and easily available for all participants”. The Scouts’ motto of “Be Prepared” has taken on an entirely new meaning. Since the Jamboree consists of 12-17 year old scouts, it would appear that the Scout Movement now encourages and accepts non-marital sex, since it is both anticipating and facilitating it. That is, sexual conduct between minors is now acceptable to the Scout Movement, providing, of course, that condoms are used. The Jamborees seem to have degenerated into a free for all sex party.

No responsible parent will ever want their child, male or female, to be a member of the Scout Movement today. One cannot be surprised, therefore, that another youth movement has been organized in the U.S. called “Trail Life USA”.

Trail Life USA was organized in 2013, and has today a membership of 26,000 boys. The organization provides youth membership and character development. All charters of Trail Life USA must pledge to follow a “Statement of Faith”; but the organization admits non-Christians as members. Those who affirm homosexuality are not eligible to lead or charter the group. Trail Life USA partnered with American Heritage Girls in 2014. Organizers of Trail Life USA consisted of parents, Scoutmasters, Eagle Scouts and other scouting leaders. After the first year of operation (January 2015), Trail Life USA had 524 troops in 48 states with another 300 troops in the process of becoming members. It appears to be a growing, thriving organization.

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