Review of “HUSH”, a Video on Abortion

//Review of “HUSH”, a Video on Abortion

Review of “HUSH”, a Video on Abortion

REALity November 2018                                                                     Ottawa, ON

Review of “HUSH”, a Video on Abortion

HUSH is a Mighty Motion Pictures film, winner of several awards, and viewed at many film festivals.  It is a very convincing film, professionally executed, informative and respectful of women’s authentic reproductive health. 

The film moves from city to city with director, Punam Kumar Gill, who expertly carries out a search for health information on the link between abortion and breast cancer. The film also provides valuable information on other breast cancer risks, fetal development and pregnancy.

Significantly, seven major obstetrical, gynecological, medical and cancer institutes refused to be interviewed. Director Gill wonders why she was dismissed and delves further. Why has information been withheld from women? How do they react when they learn the truth about miscarriage and abortion? Gill herself comes across scientific facts which touch her personal experiences with reproduction.

Several familiar professionals are interviewed: Dr. Joel Brind, Dr. Angela Lafranchi, Dr. Ian Gentles, and Steven Mosher.  Footage from important medical conferences are shown, where the realities of abortion and negative health consequences are deliberately kept hidden. Gill asks why. Women who speak out, like Denise Mountenay of “Together for Life Ministries”, are candidly interviewed. Their personal stories are vital, yet so seldom considered. The film delves into obscure areas worth exploring by those who want facts rather than emotion when confronting abortion and cancer.

Studies in several countries are brought to light, providing statistics on risk factors for mothers around the world. For example, rates of breast cancer in China have risen 44% for women who had one abortion, 76% for two abortions and 90% for 3 or more abortions. This definitely indicates a link, and knowing the base risk factor would have been helpful.

Unlike every other medical procedure, full disclosure of health risks and consequences in the abortion specialty are hidden from patients. Why? It becomes clear that this must change. We are grateful that the truth is finally brought forward with true compassion in this film.

A Trailer can be viewed at; the film can be rented online for $7.19; opportunities to host a screening are provided; the video HUSH can be purchased for $20.

Please contact Denise Mountenay at or (780) 267-5714.

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