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ALERT! REAL Women’s petition on Behalf of Religious Freedom – REALity


REALity  Volume XXXV Issue No. 10 October 2016

Real Women of Canada is concerned about the discrimination that is currently being experienced by Christians in Canada.

Examples of discriminatory practices against Christians include:

  1. The lack of protection for physicians and other healthcare workers who refuse to participate in assisted suicide for religious and conscience reasons. 
  2. The failure to protect faith based institutions, business owners, organizations and others; such as those employed in the wedding industry, for refusing to support same-sex marriage. 
  3. The attempt by several provincial law societies to prevent the establishment of a Christian Law School at Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia.
  4. Discrimination against Christian parents who oppose sex-education curriculums, and the establishment of transgendered rights in schools, which are contrary to their religious beliefs.
  5. The infringement of public safety and conscience and religious rights of individuals, by the proposed amendment to the Human Rights Act to provide recognition and rights for the transgendered in the public sphere.
  6. The dismissal of Christians from employment for publicly proclaiming their Christian beliefs such as opposition to same-sex marriage.

As a result of these and other acts of discrimination against Christians, the Board of REAL Women of Canada decided, at its board meeting held in June 2016, to present a petition to Parliament urging the protection of rights of Christians in Canada.

It is acknowledged that the petition will likely not be acted upon by the present Liberal government. Rather, its purpose is to raise the profile of the issue, and to indicate the unacceptability of discrimination against Christians. Hopefully, this may prevent even further deterioration of the situation.

The petition by REAL Women of Canada has been approved by the House of Commons Clerk of Petitions, as required under parliamentary procedure, and by MP Michael Cooper (St. Albert – Edmonton) who will be presenting the petition in the House of Commons.

A copy of the petition is available on our website

The parliamentary Standing Orders require the government to respond within 45 calendar days to every petition submitted.

This petition may be signed by any resident of Canada. There is no minimum age requirement for signing the petition.  You may print or photocopy as many copies of the unsigned petition as required.  It is not necessary to have the page completed with all six signatures.  Just send in the petition with as many signatures as you are able to obtain, even just one signature is sufficient.

Other requirements for signing the petition include:

  1. Each petitioner must sign his or her own name directly on the petition and must not sign for anyone else, unless that person is unable to do so and notification of this must be included with the signature. Address information is required.
  2. Any additional pages must contain the full text of the petition.
  3. Petitions must be presented to Parliament as original signed documents. Therefore, do not fax them to REAL Women. Instead the original signed petitions should be mailed to us. Postage is required.
    Please mail to:

    REAL Women of Canada
    P.O. Box 8813, Station T
    Ottawa ON K1G 3J1

The petitions received by REAL Women of Canada will then be forwarded to MP Michael Cooper for presentation to Parliament.

If you have any questions about this petition, please do not hesitate to contact us.

REAL Women’s Board is deeply grateful to all those who obtain signatures on this petition: this discrimination, which is in contradiction to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, is designed to seriously curtail the practice of the Christian faith in Canada.

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