REALity   Volume XXXVI  Issue No. 2 February 2017

The media carefully script the news so that homosexuals appear to be a united front following the same agenda against “bigotry”, “hatred” and “homophobia”. This inane name-calling conveys that the activists demand that every individual support their agenda with no exceptions. However, unity of purpose is not an accurate depiction of homosexuals. Not all homosexuals think alike, and many decidedly reject the hype promoted in the media. (See REALity July/August 2013, Legislators covering up LGBT identity chaos.) There are many thoughtful homosexuals who reject the publicly promoted homosexual agenda.

Emotions Over Facts

The media concentrated on emotions when Liberal Prime Ministers Jean Chretien and Paul Martin spearheaded the re-definition of marriage. They ignored the gay media’s anti marriage op-eds. Gareth Kirkby, Editor of the homosexual newspaper Xtra, stated in a 2007 editorial, that: “… some couples, a few lawyers and out of touch lobby groups decided that same-sex marriage was the only thing that really mattered … very few of us really want to get married.”  Editorials in the then two major gay print publications, Xtra and Fab, now both defunct but merged on the web, opposed same-sex marriage. Homosexuals made presentations before parliamentary committees opposing the Liberal legislation legalizing same-sex marriage. The media covered this up because the facts didn’t fit in with their destructive, “progressive” narrative, which was hostile to traditional marriage.

For example, Canadian scholar Paul Nathanson, McGill University, who identifies as a homosexual, opposed the re-definition of marriage in Canada because it clashed with universal norms for cultural survival. Same-sex marriages do not create children. He made a presentation before Parliament, but his evidence-based critique received only miniscule media coverage. It wasn’t politically correct.

There were also homosexuals who offered kind words and financial support in a funding drive to help the US Christian couple who ran a bakery called “Sweetcakes”. The latter were taken to court and fined $135,000 for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.  This decision led many, including some homosexuals, to conclude this fine was highly unreasonable and unfair.

Pride Month not as Popular as Depicted

Every year, the mainstream media report on how much “fun” the Gay Pride parades are, and how they showcase “progressive” Canadian values of tolerance, acceptance and celebration. This coverage, however, carefully refrains from showing the gross parts of the parade: nudity, sex act simulations and vulgar disrespect for those holding different views. This is propaganda, not responsible journalism. Very few journalists report the view of homosexuals who, for a variety of reasons, vehemently oppose such exhibitionism.

One opponent of such pride parades, now pride month, is John McKellar, who identifies as gay. He too publicly opposed marriage re-definition during the debate on the issue, but, as usual, received little media coverage when he did so.

In a very strongly worded blog in May, 2016, Mr. McKellar described pride parades as:

vexatious and humiliating to civilized gays and lesbians … too tawdry and lowbrow for anyone who possesses even a modicum of class or dignity … a prance-a-thon … with a party-till-you-puke atmosphere.

His article, at Hopenow2004, Fearless in Toronto, is entitled “Oscar Wilde Would Spurn Gay Pride”: It describes gay parades as follows:

Since when do half-naked men dressed in pink tutus and combat boots acting like immature buffoons in the middle of the street constitute high culture? Or blaring bad music, cheesy impersonators, public hard drug consumption, public intoxication and public sex acts?

He claims that Pride antics are, in fact, harmful to those who identify as LGBT, making manifest the homosexual stereotype that they are foolish exhibitionists suffering from arrested development.

He states:

I’ve been warning for years that Pride’s obsession with vulgarity and libido reinforces every prejudice against gays and lesbians and CONTRIBUTES to homophobia rather than alleviating it.

He classifies the media establishment members who betray their profession by catering to “Rainbow narcissism and victimology” as “lackeys and drooling sycophants.” He decries the “incessant smear tactics and shrill caterwauling” by professional activists at the gay rights organizations Egale and Glaad.

Ominous Insight into the Future of Homosexuality

John McKellar reminds us that “pride” is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, defined as “inordinate self-esteem”, a vice, a “negative and destructive force” that has now been turned into an attribute. Although a violent backlash is unacceptable to those of us who oppose gay pride antics, it is worth noting what his acute perception has led him to conclude:

  • Pride cometh before the fall – or in the case of gay and lesbian culture – the backlash.
  • And rest assured, history shows that there will be a societal backlash.
  • You can’t be constantly hostile and disrespectful toward religion and not expect a backlash.
  • You can’t vilify rational criticism or stifle civilized debate and not expect a backlash.
  • You can’t make your so-called suffering the only suffering and not expect a backlash.
  • You can’t engage in amoral tactics of deceit, defamation, intimidation and extortion and not expect a backlash.
  • You can’t disingenuously spin same-sex marriage as a human rights issue, rather than a social value, or as a matter of equality, instead of parity, and not expect a backlash.
  • You can’t dismiss as homophobic genuine parental concern over the public school sexual curriculum and not expect a backlash.
  • You can’t attempt to make the whole world your closet and not expect a backlash.
  • Centuries ago, Plato cautioned that democracy would crumble and pave the way to dictatorship, because a foolish majority would turn liberty into license. Today, the backlash clock is ticking. . . and ticking. . . and ticking.


It is obvious to anyone who ventures outside the boundaries of the tightly controlled world of mainstream media, homosexual activists and self-promoting politicians, that, not all gays think alike. Many think for themselves and have much to offer in the conversation about the issues.

Justin Trudeau’s Naivety

Justin Trudeau does not seem able to comprehend the significance of his naïve advocacy of homosexuality, nor the complexity of it. He happily joined the sex, alcohol and drug ridden Gay Parades in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal in 2016. His Liberal government funded these gay pride parades this year, as follows:

Toronto         –         $140,200.00

Halifax          –         $   29,200.00

Vancouver    –         $   79,100.00

Montreal       –         $   91,000.00

This doesn’t reflect well on Trudeau’s judgment or intelligence.