Lying, Cheating and Bullying at the UN

//Lying, Cheating and Bullying at the UN

Lying, Cheating and Bullying at the UN

REALity June 2019

Lying, Cheating and Bullying at the UN

Although the UN has been beneficial in a few respects, such as curtailing epidemics, in natural disasters, and controlling the distribution of illicit drugs, it, unfortunately, has been decidedly unhelpful in other respects.

This is because the UN has become a tool for the pro-abortion and LGBT governments of many western nations, including Canada, which push a “progressive” left-wing agenda world-wide.  The UN bureaucracy has been assisted in these efforts by powerful global lobby groups, which attend the UN sessions for the purpose of using the UN to extend their influence world-wide.  To offset their efforts, pro-life/family groups also attend the UN meetings to counter these attacks.

Western Nations Control the UN Agenda

The UN depends on funding from its 193 members, but it is mainly the wealthy Western countries which are financially propping up the UN.  Consequently, UN officials and the bureaucracy do the bidding of the anti-family/life governments of the West, trying to bury the views of countries having a more traditional perspective.

There is a constant tug-of-war at the UN between the opposing ideologies: the West versus Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

This struggle occurs on a regular basis in negotiations over the policies and language in UN documents.  These documents are of critical importance as they direct the work of the UN and the allocation of UN funds. These documents also influence the development of laws in the UN’s Member States.  Even though the documents are supposedly non-binding, they are presented to member countries, misleadingly, as reflecting UN policies that must be enforced.  In short, they are used to intimidate member nations into changing their laws, based on the invalid presumption that they are required to do so by the UN.

Recent UN Conferences

In March 2019, two significant conferences took place, one in New York, the UN Commission on the Status of Women, and the other in Geneva, at the Human Rights Council.

Because left-wing governments have become frustrated by their failure to get their radical agenda accepted by the majority of UN members, they are now resorting to abusing the UN system in order to get their agenda passed.  This was painfully apparent at these two UN conferences.  Nothing in the past behaviour of the Western countries compares to their outrageous behaviour at these two conferences.

The Commission on the Status of Women

For weeks, many pro-life/family members repeatedly and strongly contested multiple provisions in the document which promoted abortion, gender/transgender confusion, comprehensive sexuality education, radical sexual rights and much more. Those facilitating the negotiations blatantly ignored calls for deletion of these controversial provisions, and pretended, instead, that they, themselves, represented the “consensus” approving the provisions.

The straw that broke the camel’s back at the conference was the rejection of the paragraph calling for the document to respect the national sovereignty and religious and cultural values of member nations. This was abruptly deleted from the document by the facilitator, with no discussion.  The provisions on sovereignty were backed by the entire African voting bloc and many other Member States, such as those in the Middle East, who were furious that their views were being deliberately ignored.

The openly biased chair, who was from Ireland, announced arrogantly that the working document for the CSW, called “Agreed Conclusions”, had been “agreed to” by a “consensus”. This was decidedly inaccurate as there had been no consensus at all.

As a result of this offensive attempt by the Western, left-wing countries to control the perversion in the documents, changes will soon be coming to the UN, as many Member States have finally had enough of the many attempts by UN officials to ignore their voice.  A well-deserved backlash is building, which will have far-reaching effects at the UN.

Human Rights Council in Geneva

Another example of attempts to include left wing policies in UN documents occurred at the Human Rights Council in Geneva.  On March 11, 2019, the South African Mission (South Africa is one of the few countries in Africa that supports the Western “progressive” agenda) presented a resolution to implement the preposterous and unscientific notion of transgenderism.  This was done under the pretense of eliminating discrimination against women and girls in sports.  The South African Mission did so by insisting that gender confused men and boys, who want to compete as women and girls, despite their physical advantages, be allowed to do so.  The resolution had nothing to do with sports and everything to do with erasing any differences between men and women. The resolution, however, disguised its real purpose by not referring directly to “transgendered” individuals, it referred, instead, to those women and girls who have differences in sexual development, i.e., some have penises and testes, but are, nonetheless, to be regarded as “women”.  In other words, under the resolution, the very term “women and girls” included males.

Pro-family groups from around the world, including REAL Women of Canada, were immediately notified of this South African Mission ruse, and our representatives at the UN, as well as many others, requested that the delegates oppose the resolution. REAL Women also sent a strongly worded email to the South African Mission, requesting it to withdraw its resolution.  More than one third of the Human Rights Council members disassociated themselves from South Africa’s transgender resolution on Women in Sports so that the resolution failed.  It was a close call, but the dedicated pro-family groups at the UN won the day.

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