November 14, 2017

We have been advised that many of the Conservative MP’s do not believe the legalization of marijuana is a concern to their constituents since they have not received any opposition to it.

It is critical that the Conservative MPs be advised immediately that the recreational use of marijuana as set out in Bill C-45 will completely undermine the stability of society and cause huge damage to our youth.

Please contact your conservative MP immediately and let him/her know your concerns about Bill C-45.

CLICK HERE for your MP’s constituency office phone number and email address.

Be sure to add your name and address so the MP will know that you reside in his/her riding.

November 8, 2014

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is determined to legalize marijuana (Bill C-45) before Parliament recesses for the Christmas break, December 15, 2017.

Trudeau is determined to have this bill passed for two major reasons:

  1. Trudeau wants the millennial vote in the 2019 federal election.
  2. He wants the tax money that the government supposedly will receive from the sale of marijuana.  This will occur despite the fact the provinces will have to pay the costs of regulating and policing the sale and distribution of the drug, as well as having to pay the resulting tremendous social costs in health care and increased traffic accidents caused by marijuana use.

The reason for this rush is the fact that the Liberals are supposedly planning to prorogue Parliament in January 2018, after the Christmas recess, in order to cut off the destructive publicity they have currently been experiencing.  This adverse publicity is due to the failure of Finance Minister Morneau to place his personal fortune into a blind trust, and also because of recent newspaper accounts of high placed Liberals, including Trudeau’s personal fundraiser Stephen Bronfman, placing extensive funds in an offshore tax haven in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying taxes in Canada. It’s not the tax loopholes of the middle class that is a problem, but rather the loopholes used by the wealthy friends of the Liberal Party.

One result of prorogation is that all government bills immediately die on the Order Paper.  Therefore, the Trudeau government wants the marijuana bill passed prior to prorogation.  Hence, the rush to push it through.

Where is the Bill Now?

The marijuana bill was introduced in April 2016 and passed second reading on June 8th 2017, at which time it was sent to the Standing Committee on Health for review.

The Committee’s report was returned to the House of Commons during the first week of November, and it is now being debated pending third reading and final vote.

After the vote in the House of Commons, certain to be passed by the obedient Liberal MPs, it will then go to the Senate where it will be passed by the majority, so-called “independent”, Senators who were recently appointed by Trudeau.

The Conservative MPs (with perhaps one or two exceptions) are opposed to legalizing marijuana.  They will do their best to bring forward multiple amendments during third reading in an attempt to slow the process down.

These amendments, however, will be defeated by the majority Liberals. Similarly, the Conservative Senators will try to bring in amendments to slow the process in the Senate, but these amendments too, will be quickly defeated by the majority Liberal appointed Senators.

What Can be Done About the Marijuana Bill?

There is a remote possibility of stopping this bill by putting intense pressure on the Liberal backbenchers.  If they know that their constituents are adamantly opposed to the legalization of marijuana, and this may be reflected in their chances for re-election in 2019, they might, if not openly vote against the bill, at least be absent at the time of the vote.

We have been advised that the only way these Liberal MPs will react to pressure is by phone calls.  MPs are deleting emails and shredding letters to avoid acknowledging the presence of opposition on this and other bills.

If you have a Liberal MP in your riding please phone him/her directly on this marijuana bill, which will cause the destruction of our stable society.  The latter has already been observed and well documented, in places such as Colorado which has permitted recreational use of marijuana.

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CALL TO ACTION! Please call your local Member of Parliament and tell him/her to oppose the government’s Bill C-45 which will cause the destruction of our stable society.

CLICK HERE for a list of MPs and their constituency office address and phone number.

Please be sure to identify yourself as a constituent, leaving your name and residential address.