REALity  Volume XXXVI  Issue No. 6 June 2017

Justin Trudeau was born into wealth, and has spent his entire life fraternizing with the wealthy, powerful and influential.  This has distanced and insulated him from the concerns of the less advantaged – namely, most of us.

As a result, he knows little and understands less about the lives of ordinary people.  As long as he is with globalist billionaires, celebrities, diplomats and foreign politicians, he is in his element.  The 35 million Canadian citizens do not appear to have Trudeau’s interest, or even respect.  For example, Trudeau regards only feminist women to be worthy of his interest, the rest of us are discarded.

During an interview with the New York Times, in 2015, Trudeau stated:  “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada”.  In this bizarre statement, Trudeau is ignoring Canada’s proud history of European national origins, our pan-cultural heritage and strong traditions.  Instead, he is imposing on the country his own limited understanding of Canada and his own narrow vision.

Homosexual Secretariat in Privy Council Office

In the March, 2017 budget, Trudeau established a homosexual secretariat in the Privy Council Office, headed by homosexual Liberal MP Randy Boissonnault (Edmonton Centre).  Mr. Boissonnault’s responsibilities include coordinating the machinery of government to advance homosexual rights.  Boissonnault claims that his new role has already led to the recent Liberal decision to provide a federal tax credit for homosexuals to use reproductive technology to create children.  Such children are only “objects” to satisfy homosexual couples.  This has been done despite a mountain of evidence which shows that children require opposite-sex parents to grow up to be well-balanced individuals.

Boissonnault’s job also includes working with LGBT organizations and the government to provide an apology to homosexuals for supposed past discrimination.  He also plans to work behind the scenes at the Commonwealth meetings where 36 of 52 member nations do not accept the west’s approach to homosexuality.

Overt Discrimination Against Pro-Life Groups

Trudeau has stopped summer job funding by Liberal MPs awarded to pro-life organizations.  Last year Liberal MP Iqra Khalid (Mississauga-Erin Mills) had approved more than $56,000 to the Canada Summer Job Program for the Calgary based Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform.  Pro-life groups, such as Campaign Life Coalition, LifeSiteNews, and Priests for Life also received a total of $3.5 million in 2016.  The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada brought this terrible information to Trudeau’s attention, who was scandalized by it, and has set about changing the rules for summer job programs, prohibiting any further funding to pro-life groups by Liberal MPs.  Planned Parenthood, Ottawa, and Planned Parenthood, Toronto, were among groups that received Canada Summer Jobs grants in the past and they, along with other pro-abortion groups, will be generously funded in the future.  Narrow minded, bigoted and discriminatory are adjectives that come to mind when describing Justin Trudeau’s perspective.

Trudeau Prefers Travelling to Governing

Because of Trudeau’s elitism, he appears to have little interest in actually governing Canada.  It’s tedious and boring work.  He doesn’t like to cloud his mind with issues.  As a result, since he has become Prime Minister, he has established some 80 “consultation” groups to come up with a plan of action on such diverse issues as, marijuana, senate appointments, appointments to the Supreme Court of Canada, economic policies, immigration, etc.  These are not “public” consultations by any means, but are consultations led by liberal fellow travellers whom Trudeau disarmingly calls “independent and non-partisan”.  These committees have, without exception, come up with politically correct solutions and appointments to accommodate Trudeau’s restricted vision of Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie Gregoire

Trudeau prefers to be a celebrity flitting about Canada and internationally, spending his time with the “beautiful”, important people in the world.  It’s about image, but not substance.  He employs (at taxpayer’s expense) a photographer, Adam Scotti, who follows him around all day long taking flattering photographs of him which are then posted all over the media.   Trudeau and his wife were prominent on Vogue fashion magazine in 2016.  He was delighted to recently appear and make a speech at the Canadian Juno Awards with his wife Sophie Gregoire.