The Idiocy of Feminism: Gender Analysis – REALity

//The Idiocy of Feminism: Gender Analysis – REALity

The Idiocy of Feminism: Gender Analysis – REALity

REALity  Volume XXXVI Issue No. 7 July 2017

In his feverish desire to install the outdated ideology of feminism into Canada, similar to the 1970’s and 1980’s, Justin Trudeau has taken the extreme measure of enforcing feminism, not just by policy, but by way of legislation. This legislation is to be managed by the farcical Standing Committee on the Status of Women, which was established in 2004 by Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin.  This Committee has been assigned the following responsibilities to implement feminism.

Bill C-309

This eccentric bill promoting feminism is filled with politically correct feminist jargon and bears no resemblance to the real life and opinions of Canadians.Bill C-309, called an Act to Establish Gender Equality Week, introduced by Liberal MP Sven Spengemann (Mississauga-Lakeshore), passed second reading in the House of Commons on February 1, 2017 and was referred to the House of Commons Status of Women Committee for review. No opposition was raised to this absurd legislation except for Conservative MP Brad Trost (Saskatoon-University) who saw the bill for the foolishness it was.

The Standing Committee on the Status of Women consists of mostly feminist members. To present this Committee with Bill C-309 to review, is just like putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

What is Bill C-309?

This private member’s bill is a testament to a politically correct list of feminist grievances and unsubstantiated demands, based solely on ideology, not fact. The preamble to the bill states that all women, including transgendered women (based on their chosen gender identity and expression) and lesbians, are hapless victims of society.  Poverty, violence, barriers to education and employment, barriers to political representation and health care, and denial of representation on executive or board management of corporations, are the purported lot of Canadian women, according to this bill.

The bill makes the House of Commons a laughing stock. The only vote opposing it, as mentioned above, was that of Conservative MP Brad Trost.  Some Conservative MPs refused to join the Liberal posturing about gender equality and did not vote at all on this poorly drafted bill.  Other Conservative MPs, however, chose to go along with the bill’s vague, superficial assumptions about inequality and voted in favour of it because they didn’t want to be portrayed as being “discriminatory” by the media.

Review of Feminist Gender Analysis

In order to ensure that the government delivers “meaningful” changes aligned with feminism, the Liberal government decided the 2017 budget, and all future budgets will include a provision to cover the cost of undertaking a “rigorous” gender analysis of all government policies and legislation to determine whether women will experience disproportionately negative effects, by way of these policies. If such should prove to be the case, policymakers (i.e. the Cabinet Ministers) will be required to reshape their policies to mitigate such supposed negative effects.

The stakeholders in this undertaking for gender analysis – namely feminists – are jubilant that every budget henceforth will require this gender analysis. They claim “there is lots of work to be done” on this.

In effect, the Status of Women Committee’s responsibility will now be to hover over the shoulders of Cabinet Ministers, busy with real files, to ensure that a “gender-based analysis” is applied to proposals before they even arrive at Cabinet for decision-making. It is a perfect make work project for feminists.

The Incompetency of the House of Commons Status of Women Committee
Not only are the policies and legislation that the House of Commons Status of Women Committee will be addressing ridiculous, the Committee itself is equally ridiculous and meaningless. For starters, it is hypocritical to have a radical feminist dominated Committee implement a program supposedly on the “equality” of women when the Committee, itself, does not treat all women equally since it does not include the views of most Canadian women.  That is, the Committee is applying a specific ideology (feminism) to all women, most of whom have a completely different, non-feminist vision of what it means to be a woman.

Status of Women Canada Agency
In 1976, Trudeau Senior established the government departmental agency called The Status of Women, which currently operates under the Department of Canadian Heritage. In addition to handing out taxpayers’ money to feminist only groups, it has now been given the additional responsibility of overseeing that government employees assume the correct feminist position in determining policies.

  1. Indoctrination of Public Employees
    In February 2017, the Liberal government announced that Canadian federal employees must take and pass a “gender-equality” test. The public servants will have three chances to pass this mandatory feminist course or face unspecified consequences.  Public employees fear that if they refuse to take this nonsensical test, or fail it by not selecting the feminist approved answers, they will be overlooked for promotion or even lose their jobs.  The purpose of this program is to force these unfortunate government employees to craft and implement “gender equality” policies, programs and legislation.  Not only is this program altogether biased in favour of feminists, it also includes a provision for “diversity and inclusion” analysis and consideration to include sexual orientation issues.The purpose of this program is to indoctrinate public servants and purge them of politically incorrect thoughts. It is an outrageous attack on the dignity and personal integrity of employees.  Federal employees are paid by the taxpayer to carry out government policies, not be subjected to this totalitarian and autocratic order to think in an ideologically correct manner, contrary to their own personal beliefs and values.  This program is fascism unleashed.
  2. The Minister Responsible for the Status of Women
    In 1971, Trudeau Senior established the position of Minister Responsible for the Status of Women. This current Minister is the absurd MP Maryam Monsef (Peterborough-Kawartha), who was relieved of her position as Minister of Democratic Reform because of her incompetent handling of electoral reform.  As Minister responsible for the Status of Women, she has quickly shown herself to be equally incompetent.When the Trudeau government announced a $285,000 gift of taxpayers’ money to Planned Parenthood, Ottawa branch, for a three year project to make abortion and contraception more accessible, Ms. Monsef rose to the occasion by stating:

    Reproductive health rights in Canada and around the world are critical to advancing gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. We’re committed to making sure that women and girls have that choice, because otherwise, this is a form of gender-based violence.


Abortion “empowers” women? To deny a woman an abortion is “gender-based violence”?  One has to marvel at her dim-witted response.  Such mindless patter by Ms. Monsef, who, it can accurately be stated, is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, does not bode well for the future activity of this Agency.

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