REALity  Volume XXXVI  Issue No. 2 February 2017

Elitist feminist organizations are on the move again, feeding from the government trough. These include:

  1. Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA)founded by radical professional feminists Shelagh Day and Sharon McIvor, received its first government grant under Jean Chretien in 1999, collecting over $2 million since then. It pushed the myth that women earn 72 cents for every dollar men earn, promoted tracking rates of pay to narrow the “wage gap”, and then demanded applying regulations to achieve equality. For obvious reasons, they ignore Stats Canada, which concluded that the wage gap is not due to discrimination, but due to different working patterns by women, as well as their job choices.
  2. Equal Voice (EV)founded in 2001, received funding from the Liberal government, which, unfortunately continued under the Conservative government. The Status of Women funding to Equal Voice was $1,474,829 from 2006 to 2012.
    Year                      Grants and Contributions (SOW)
    2006-2007         $     73,000 (Sept. 2006)
    2007-2008         $     60,625 (March 2008)
    2008-2009         $1,208,404 (Jan. 2009)
    2010-2011          $     25,000 (Feb. 2011)
    2011-2012          $   107,800 (March 2012)
    Total                                                                  $1,474,829
    Equal Voice is fixated on counting the number of women elected to public office, and considers any disparity in numbers as evidence that women are not equal. Nancy Peckford, Executive Director, now national spokesperson of the organization, formerly headed Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA).  Professional feminists have a practice of rotating themselves among their differing groups.  That is, there are only, in fact, a handful of feminist leaders who merely swap executive positions among their various organizations – all of which are funded by the government.  This is no problem for them as they do not differ in any way on the feminist dogma they’re delighted to promote from any platform.
  3. Liberal Women’s Caucus (NWLC)Anita Vanderbeld, Liberal MP is Chair of NWLC and of the new House of Commons Pay Equity Committee. She reminds women that Canada has fallen behind, to 48th place globally, in the number of women elected to public office. Ahead of us are Sudan, Iraq, Rwanda and Cuba. Do Canadian women really want equality with these countries? The truth is women are as different as men and not all women want to be part of the political life. We’re quite capable of choosing our own career and don’t need these extremists to tell us what is good for us. Anita is the author of the Oxford Handbook of Transnational Feminist Movements. (She should stick with her feminist friends and leave the rest of us alone).
  4. Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW) Founded in 1976 to provide research to the public about feminist issues, CRIAW deals solely with research, which it makes accessible to other feminist groups and individuals. CRIAW has received $4.6 million from the federal government.CRIAW doesn’t take kindly to traditional families consisting of mother, father and children. It has conducted several research projects attacking this version of the family. It also funded a research paper attacking REAL Women of Canada, which it regarded as a challenge to them since our existence undermined their position as “the voice” of Canadian women. Its “research” on REAL Women was mostly opinion developed through a narrow, feminist lens, inconsiderate of the humanity of the unborn child and the dignity of motherhood and the natural family. They clearly had no idea who we were, and expected us to quickly disappear. That didn’t happen.

On January 11, 2017 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointed Maryam Monsef, as the new head of the Status of Women. Ms. Monsef had a troubling time in her previous portfolio as Minister of Democratic Institutions when she stumbled again and again when dealing with proposed electoral reforms. She probably won’t have as much difficulty at Status of Women since her job will consist mostly of signing cheques for feminist organizations.

Ms. Monsef will sit in the newly renovated office of her predecessor, Patty Hajdu, whose renovations cost the taxpayer a “trifling” one million dollars. Ms. Hajdu now moves over to become Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and labour.  No doubt renovations will be ordered for her there.  “Entitlement” seems to be the mainstay of this Trudeau government.

The feminists were enraged when the media referred to Monsef’s new appointment as a demotion, claiming she is responsible for 50% of the population. Yet only a few women are feminists today.  Government agencies like Status of Women Canada, are designed to bloat the workforce and give preference to career feminists.  They are a waste of tax dollars and discriminate against non-feminist women. It should be abolished.