Feminism, President Trump & the G7 Meeting

//Feminism, President Trump & the G7 Meeting

Feminism, President Trump & the G7 Meeting

REALity July 2018                                                                                                                              Ottawa, ON

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was eagerly anticipating his golden opportunity to influence the G7 meeting in Quebec last June. He believed that his moment in the sun would be the international acknowledgment that he was the progressive leader of the western world.

In order to prepare for this illustrious moment, Trudeau set up an elaborate framework, inviting seventy feminists from around the world to a preliminary meeting. (The details of this meeting were discussed in the May issue of REALity.) Trudeau also established a Gender Equality Advisory Council of high flying, prominent feminists who were supposed to provide the G7 with a transformative agenda, in support of feminism. The Council’s precise mandate was to advise the G7 Presidency with concrete actions on women’s empowerment in all areas of the G7’s work.

Feminists were ecstatic with Trudeau’s initiative. They huddled together to draft a document entitled “Feminist Visions for the G7”. A group feminists from Canada, G7 countries and around the world drafted this document, which insisted that the G7 must take a feminist approach to all its decisions. This approach, they claimed, represented all women, including those of colour, with disabilities, LBTQ, etc., that is, recognizing the diversity of women. Curiously, the diversity of women did not include women who held a pro-life, pro-family understanding of issues. In short, the choice of a “feminist vision” agenda was highly discriminatory in that it only reflected the views of a special interest group of women.

The document included, of course, the customary list of feminist demands, such as abortion, gender analyses and also included climate change, based on the Paris Agreement commitment. It also demanded a complete transformation of the global economic system. No problem there. Finally, the document demanded money, money, money for feminist organizations to continue to promote this agenda.

None of the feminist demands reached fruition at the G7 meeting, as the latter turned out to be a debacle. The feminist agenda was stymied by U.S. President Trump, who refused to go along with this feminist babble. Not surprisingly, the U.S. tariffs on aluminum and steel, instead, caught the attention of the G7 members.

When the official communiqué of the conference was issued, no mention of the feminist agenda was included. In desperation to retrieve something from the mess, Canada’s Minister of International Development and La Francophonie, Marie-Claude Bibeau, (who is infamous for previously proclaiming that abortion is a useful tool to relieve poverty) together with Katia Iverson, who is President of the organization, “Woman Deliver”, which tried to raise money for abortions because of President Trump’s Mexico City Policy which ended U.S. funding for overseas abortions, authored a paper which claimed Trudeau’s Gender Equality Advisory Council was the major outcome of the G7 meeting. It was not even mentioned in the official G7 outcome document!

The only outcome of Trudeau’s grand plan to infiltrate feminism into the G7 agenda was his announcement to throw more money to feminists. This time it was $600 million for women’s “education” abroad. Such an education (indoctrination) program will no doubt be seeped in abortion and feminist analyses.

The June G7 meeting in Quebec of the leading industrialist nations (if so, why is China excluded?) was an unmitigated disaster. As a result, there is reason to believe that the G7 will not be holding its annual meetings much longer.

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