Farewell Lettie

Farewell Lettie

REALity July 2019

President of REAL Women 1988 – 1990

On April 14, 2019, Lettie (Violet) Morse passed away at the age of 98.  REAL Women is deeply saddened by her death.  She was President of REAL Women of Canada from 1988-1990.

Lettie and her husband, Allan, who died in 2009, made an enormous contribution to REAL Women. They established the national office in Ottawa and worked tirelessly to lay the many-faceted foundations of REAL Women of Canada.  In those early years, they managed all REAL Women’s correspondence, membership and finances.  Their work and dedication established REAL Women as the vibrant, national voice for the family and for life.  We can never thank them enough for their great contribution. Even at 98 years of age, Lettie preserved her great interest in political matters. She continued to follow the work of REAL Women, writing letters to elected officials and the media as requested. She was the mother of eight children (one deceased), grandmother to 27 grandchildren and great-grandmother to 29.

Lettie is an inspiration, for her life-long involvement in the pro-life movement and many other charities. May she Rest in Peace after a long, productive life.  She has been a role model for us all.