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Suicide Increases with Legalized Assisted Suicide Laws – REALity

REALity  Volume XXXVI  Issue No. 11 November 2017 It wasn’t long ago that society regarded suicide as a tragedy. Suicide Prevention Societies did all they could to prevent such deaths and to provide practical, positive [...]

Ontario’s Outrageous Abortion and Residential Bubble Zones – REALity

REALity  Volume XXXVI  Issue no. 11 November 2017 Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne wants absolute control over the children living in her province. She knows that if she controls them, future generations will carry on with [...]

Big Bad Liberal Marijuana Muddle – REALity

Reality  Volume XXXVI  Issue No. 10 October 2017 The Liberal government, thanks to Justin Trudeau’s mindless statements during the federal election of 2015, became committed to legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. The purpose of [...]

Division Among Physicians Over Assisted Suicide – REALity

REALity   Volume XXXVI Issue No. 10 October 2017 The assisted suicide law that came into effect in June, 2016 is causing problems within the medical community. Physicians are raising concerns from widely different perspectives.  They [...]

The Dubious Values of the European Union – REALity

REALity Volume XXXVI  Issue No. 10 October 2017 The twentieth century brought with it two devastating world wars that caused the pulverization of cities, suffering, depravation, terror and death. After World War II, world leaders [...]

UN Falling Over Itself on Abortion and Homosexuality – REALity

REALity   Volume XXXVI issue No. 10  October 2017 One would think the issues of abortion and homosexuality discussed at the UN were a major concern for most UN members since so much time is taken [...]