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Canada’s Liberal Government’s Budget Puts Women Into a Feminist Straitjacket

REALITY APRIL 2018 Canada's Liberal Government's 2018 budget is a gender identity, political document. It is putting into practice the notion expressed in feminist Betty Friedan’s 1963 book, The Feminine Mystique: that all women regard [...]

The Liberal Government and Religious Faith

REALity April 2018 For centuries, the charitable object of “the advancement of religion” has been regarded as valuable and much needed in a civilized world. That is why governments have provided religious institutions with tax-exempt [...]

Commonwealth Rejects homosexuality

REALity April, 2018 Commonwealth Rejects Homosexuality Homosexual activists attempted unsuccessfully to place homosexual rights on the agenda at the Commonwealth Summit to be held in London, England in April 2018. Homosexuality is rejected by 36 [...]

What do Women Really Want

REALity April 2018 What do Women Really Want? After the World Congress of Families, held in Madrid, Spain, in 2012, an international organization of women was formed, called “Women of the World” (WOW). The organization [...]

Trudeau The Elitist Breaks Ethics Rules

REALity March 2018 - Trudeau is the first Prime Minister in Canadian history to be found guilty of breaking a federal law …, and showed the same arrogance that he exhibited when he refused to [...]

The Sorrows of the Aged in Japan

REALity February 2018 - The number of Japanese children born in 2017 is the lowest since records of births began in 1899. This reduction in births is a result of the decrease in marriages in [...]