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Trudeau The Elitist Breaks Ethics Rules

REALity March 2018 - Trudeau is the first Prime Minister in Canadian history to be found guilty of breaking a federal law …, and showed the same arrogance that he exhibited when he refused to [...]

The Sorrows of the Aged in Japan

REALity February 2018 - The number of Japanese children born in 2017 is the lowest since records of births began in 1899. This reduction in births is a result of the decrease in marriages in [...]

“Medical” Marijuana May do More Harm Than Good

REALity March 2018 -   There is little research to support any benefit from medical marijuana. The little evidence that exists suggests using marijuana as medicine may be doing more harm than good, according to [...]

Marijuana Bill Legalizes Pot for 12 to 18-year-olds

REALity March, 2018 -   Bill C-45 legalizing the recreational use of marijuana passed the House of Commons on November 27th 2017 and was sent to the Senate, the following day, November 28th 2017. If [...]

Keep Your Children Away From Disney Productions

REALity March, 2018 -  The wonderful memories of Walt Disney’s early creative works such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the mischievous Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck and his three naughty nephews, Huey, Dewy [...]

The Continuing Follies of Justin Trudeau

  The Continuing Follies of Justin Trudeau   Justin Trudeau’s lack of judgment is becoming a major concern.  He is also deliberately misleading the public about some of his policies.  This occurs probably because he [...]