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Trudeau’s Continuous Openhanded Payouts

Ottawa REALity January, 2018 Rather than defending his government, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau readily capitulates to legal demands brought against it and quickly pays out taxpayers' money on demand. He recently awarded $145 million to [...]

The Arrogance of Justin Trudeau

Ottawa REALity January, 2018 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau believes that he is not accountable to the Canadian public.  He believes that he may say and do whatever he wants, and hand out taxpayers’ money to [...]

Religion Strengthens in Former Communist Countries

Ottawa REALity January, 2018 Roughly a quarter of a century after the fall of the Iron Curtain and the collapse of the Soviet Union, a major new Pew Research Center survey finds that religion has [...]

The Curse of Our Female Governors-General

Ottawa REALity January, 2018 What’s with the last three female Governors-General?  They lack common sense and they have a startling lack of understanding of their role.  The role of the Governor-General is largely a ceremonial [...]

Lies About Sex Education – REALity

REALity Volume XXXVI Issue No. 12 December, 2017 Left-wing governments, such as those in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, are demanding that the government’s sex education curriculum be forced on all children in their respective [...]

Why Aren’t Homosexuals Happy?

REALity, Volume XXXVI, Issue 12, December, 2017 One would think that with all the many advantages and special rights homosexuals have acquired over recent years, they would be a happy lot. Such is not the case. [...]