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Influence of Mainstream Media Has Collapsed – REALity

REALity  Volume XXXVI  Issue No. 3 March 2017 The mainstream western media (MSM) are solidly in support of leftist, so called, “progressive” policies which they uncritically promote. They deliberately decline to report pro-life/family successes, because [...]

Canada’s Delusions About Population – REALity

REALity  Volume XXXVI  Issue No. 3 March 2017 The Canadian birth rate is one of the lowest in the world, 1.6 children for each woman of childbearing age. By the year 2035, there will be [...]

The Liberals Give a Canadian Gift to International Abortions – REALity

REALity   Volume XXXVI  Issue No. 3 March 2017 On January 23, 2017, just three days after his inauguration, U.S. President Donald Trump announced that he would reinstate the Mexico City policy which provides that no [...]

UN Dumps Wonder Woman – REALity

The UN has made a number of weird decisions over the years. The most recent one was in October 2016, when it appointed the comic book heroine Wonder Woman as honourary ambassador for the Empowerment [...]

Trudeau Making Enemies at the UN – REALity

REALity  Volume XXXVI  Issue No. 3 March 2017 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is obsessed with the UN. He views it as an all-encompassing institution of goodness and humanity.  He either ignores or is unaware of [...]

ALERT! Social Conservatives Beware

The Conservative Leadership Race Last date to purchase your membership is MARCH 28 2017 This race is a contest for the ideological future of the Party Leadership Candidate Kevin O’Leary has the support of 31% [...]