Corruption by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

//Corruption by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Corruption by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his staff, the clerk of the Privy Council, senior ministers and their staff, have all shown themselves to be corrupt, and operating under a mantle of entitlement.

This was exposed in the report by the Ethics Commissioner, Mario Dion, who investigated Trudeau’s attempts to politically pressure Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould, to defer the corruption charges against the Montreal engineering firm, SNC-Lavalin. On numerous occasions, the latter had bribed government officials in foreign countries to obtain construction contracts.  Significantly, SNC-Lavalin is a generous financial contributor to the Liberal Party of Canada.

This is the second ethics complaint with which Trudeau has been investigated and found to have broken the federal Conflict of Interest Act.  The previous offence occurred in 2016, when Trudeau took a free trip, with family and friends, to the Aga Khan’s private island in the Bahamas.  Since 2012, the Aga Khan Foundation has been the recipient of $277 million in federal government grants.

During his four years as Prime Minister, Trudeau’s actions have been disturbing.  He seems to be under the impression that his election as Prime Minister entitles him to ignore the legal and ethical standards that apply to all other Canadians.  Further, he assumes that his power includes the right to ignore the views of the Canadian voter.

National Post columnist, John Ivison, who recently wrote a book on Trudeau, Trudeau: The Education of a Prime Minister, gives a possible explanation for Trudeau’s arrogance. He suggests that Trudeau and his staff have a fundamental misunderstanding of Canada, in that they believe that Canadians share their left-liberalism crusade.  Trudeau and his staff also dismiss anyone who disagrees with them, as uninformed, irresponsible, or motivated by unworthy motives.  As a result of this belief, Prime Minister Trudeau’s devotion to a left-wing progressive agenda, Ivison says, “borders on dogmatism,” and imposes policies, regardless of the views of Canadians. Neither Trudeau’s caucus nor his cabinet ministers have any impact on him.  Policies come directly from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), where Trudeau has centralized all principles and powers.

The Future of Canada Under Another Trudeau Government

When Trudeau was running in the 2015 federal election, he promised that there would be a balanced budget, except for the first two years in office when the deficit would be less than $10 billion each year. The reality is that Ottawa has acknowledged a deficit in the 2018 – 2019 fiscal year of $14 billion.  In 2018 Long-term Fiscal and Economic Projections estimated the federal government will run deficits until 2040, assuming no recession. Trudeau’s undisciplined spending is the same as his father’s, whose government repeatedly ran deficits.  This caused a near crisis in the mid-1990s. It took nearly 20 years for Trudeau Senior’s deficit to be controlled. The government of his son, Justin, has also failed to recognize that increased spending and deficits are a serious problem and a risk to Canada’s future.  As a result, according to the Vancouver-based economic think-tank, the Fraser Institute, the government’s spending has grown to be such a burden on Canada that, in 2019, the average Canadian family pays significantly more in taxes than on basic necessities.  In total, the average Canadian family spends 44.2% of its income exclusively on taxes, while their basic necessities – food, shelter, clothing, etc. – cost 36.3% of their income.  In short, with Trudeau’s continued running of deficit budgets, we can expect an increased tax rate, if he is re-elected.

Lavish Spending Continues

Despite the already huge drain that Trudeau has put on the taxpayers, he is obviously not prepared to cut down on his lavish spending.  Since the House of Commons adjourned on June 21, 2019, Trudeau has handed over $12.8 billion in funding to individual organizations across Canada. The purpose of this funding, it is assumed, is to encourage voters to support his party in the forthcoming election.  For the same reason, more summer jobs program grants were awarded, in 2019, in ridings with Liberal MPs than in ridings represented by Conservative and NDP MPs. Last December Trudeau claimed he had “fixed” the summer jobs program to remove its discrimination against those who are opposed to abortion.  Yet in 2019, twenty-six organizations were denied grants over this issue.  Liberal ridings in Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces received the largest share of military spending outside of the Ottawa region.

Funding for Trudeau’s Special Friends

Trudeau is also ramping up financial support for his special friends in the LBGTQ community and the feminist movement.

Trudeau’s Homosexual Friends

In July 2019, Trudeau announced that his government would be paying compensation, between $50 – 110 million, to 718 homosexual “victims” who lost their jobs in the civil service in past decades, for security reasons: as they had access to officials’ secrets, they could be blackmailed.  Those eligible for this funding are expected to receive between $5,000 – $175,000 each, depending on the “gravity” of their case.  This funding is in addition to the many millions Trudeau has given to LGBTQ groups since the 2015 election.  As an example, in May 2019, Trudeau made a $43 million donation to a Toronto shelter for LGBTQ youth.  This was the largest single contribution to an organization serving LGBTQ youth in federal government history.

Gay Pride Parades

In May 2019, Trudeau awarded $1million each to the Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver Pride Parades to supposedly increase Canada’s reputation as a “gay-friendly” tourist destination.  The government claimed that this funding was not just to generate tourist dollars, but was to obtain “justice” for homosexual and transgendered individuals.  In addition, Trudeau gave a $100,000 to help pay for other local Pride events across the country.

LGBTQ Expansion

Finance Minister Morneau’s 2019 budget included $20 million over two years to fund “LGBTQ service organizations”, and an additional $1.2 million in 2020-21 is proposed to support the ongoing establishment of the LGBTQ “Secretariat”. As part of Canada’s international aid, the Liberals also earmarked $30 million over five years and $10 million every year after that to promote the LGBTQ agenda in developing countries.

Health Risks and Public Safety

Trudeau has also stated that, if re-elected, he will be providing the LGBTQ community with further “goodies”.  These include decriminalizing anal sex for 16-year-old, the legal age for such activity is to be reduced from the current 18 years of age, despite medical evidence indicating psychological and physical harm attached to this type of activity for young people; amending the Criminal Code to prohibit any counselling of homosexuals to change them to normality, i.e. banning “change therapy”; banning HIV-related prosecution of those who do not disclose their HIV status to their sexual partners (despite the harm, even death, that non-disclosure may cause the innocent partner).  Further, in May 2019, regulations were changed to permit homosexuals to give blood donations if their last homosexual encounter was more than 3 months previously. In 2016, there was a three year waiting period before homosexuals could donate blood. Trudeau is now contemplating blood donations from homosexuals with no waiting period, and instead stated that their eligibility to donate blood may be based on their “behaviour” – whatever that means.  Public safety is apparently not a concern for Trudeau.

Feminist Friends

Trudeau hasn’t forgotten his feminist friends.   In June 2019, at an international feminist conference held in Vancouver, Trudeau announced a commitment of $1.4 billion annually until 2030 towards funding feminist advocacy, including comprehensive education and $700 million for international abortions, commencing in 2023. This new fund expands the Liberals’ previous 2017 commitment of $650 million over three years to promote abortions in the developing world. In addition, the Trudeau government announced a further $300 million for the Equality Fund, specifically for women in the developing world in order to continue their “great work” of gender equality. The government also pledged to match donations for domestic programs of up to $10 million in other countries, with the aim to reach $1 billion over the next 15 years, to focus on women leaders internationally to help them make changes at their local levels, such as encouraging women to run in local elections.

In addition, the government has ramped up funding to feminist organizations within Canada.  For example, it has given $2 million this year to the legal arm of the feminist movement, the Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF). This will enable LEAF to further the feminist ideology, by way of the courts, which will inevitably conclude that the feminist demands are henceforth constitutional rights.

Status of Women (SOW) Canada has now been invited by the Trudeau government via WAGE (Women and Gender Equality), to add diversity, inclusion and growing the economy into the mandate. This comes with $350 million in new funding over five years. SOW / WAGE’s annual funding is now projected to be $103 million, an increase of 234% in annual funding since Trudeau took office.

The specter that the re-election of Justin Trudeau creates is ominous.

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