CBC has a Shrinking Audience

//CBC has a Shrinking Audience

CBC has a Shrinking Audience

Despite the Trudeau government’s lavish funding of the CBC, in the amount of $1.2 billion annually, the network is experiencing a shrinking audience.  The CBC’s local suppertime TV newscast nationwide has seen a sharp decline in viewers, dropping 14% last year to an average to just 269,000 viewers. This decline is combined with the CBC’s advertising revenues plunging by 53% during the last five years.

The problem with the CBC is that it fails to broadcast for all Canadians, as required under the Broadcasting Act. Instead it provides programming to ensure the proper indoctrination of Canadian’s on left-wing “progressive” values that are favoured by the elites running the network. CBC’s competition, CTV and Global Television Network, is not experiencing the same bleeding of their audiences. This is because CTV and Global are less focussed on trying to be progressive think-tanks and are doing their job in a more straight-forward manner.

Significantly, of the top 30 TV programs in Canada, CBC has managed to have only two making the ratings.  These are Hockey Night in Canada, which rates as number 20, and number 23, Murdoch Mysteries.  CTV and Global share the remaining top 30 programs, leaving the beleaguered CBC unloved and unwatched.

An example of CBC’s skewed programming, that reasonable Canadians do not like, is the show “Drag Kids”, which is a documentary presenting a new and dangerous trend – the use of young and impressionable children (mostly pre-teen boys) as “drag queens” as entertainment. Most reasonable viewers regard this as child abuse.

Further, it is difficult for many Canadians – especially those in the West – to witness the CBC’s adoration of Trudeau and all things Liberal.  That is, CBC’s values are those of the Laurentian group (the Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal triangle) from which CBC’s executives and bureaucrats are drawn.  Rarely does the CBC remotely connect to the West’s perspective.

There is actually no reason for the CBC to continue operating, as it is not carrying out its responsibilities. That is, unless one is left-wing and liberal in values, the CBC is nothing more than a propaganda machine, spinning out its own perspective that is offensive to many, if not most, Canadians.

It is time to shut down the CBC.

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