REALity August, 2018                                                                                                                        Ottawa, ON

Even the second generation of women of South Asian descent, living in Canada, have a preference for sons over daughters.

In 2014, a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, conducted by researchers at Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital, found that women of South Asian descent have a cultural preference for sons even though these women were born and raised in Canada. The study found that gender selection through abortion is being carried out by second generation Canadian raised mothers who are prepared to abort their daughters in order to obtain a preferred son.

The study compared more than 10,000 births to second generation mothers of South Asian ethnicity against 36,000 births to first generation mothers from South Asian countries of babies born between 1993 and 2014.

Among the second generation mothers who had two previous daughters and at least one prior abortion, an astonishing 280 boys were born for every 100 girls. This was similar to the male – to – female ratio that occurred among first generation mothers of Asian descent.

These findings are alarming, and indicate that quick action is necessary to tackle this cultural preference in South Asian families for sons. Intervention should include education in these communities that females have equal value to males and that a woman’s contribution to society is as important as that of males. This is a self-evident truth that is obvious to most Canadians, but apparently it hasn’t reached the South Asian community.

Significantly, feminists have not raised the slightest murmur against this devastating killing of female babies by abortion. Feminists’ rigid ideology insists that abortion is a woman’s “choice” regardless of the circumstances – even the tragic killing of innocent girl babies. Where is their compassion and common sense? It is blocked by their narrow ideology, which prevents them from giving an inch of their belief that a woman is entitled to have an abortion without any interference for any reason.