The Conservative Leadership Race
This race is a contest for the ideological future of the Party

Leadership Candidate Kevin O’Leary has the support of 31% of conservative members – twice that of his nearest rival. BEWARE!  Mr. O’Leary supports abortion on demand, same-sex marriage, LGBT rights and euthanasia.

He is a disaster for  social conservatism.

Please take out a membership in the Conservative Party today so that you can vote to stop Mr. O’Leary’s war against social conservatives and the dignity of human life.

Last date to purchase your membership was MARCH 28 2017

Take note of these important dates:

March 28:  Make sure that you have purchased your membership by this date;

April 28:  It’s easy to VOTE – ballots will be mailed out to Conservative members at their listed address with instructions on how to mark it and return it  in a secure, confidential way;  HOW TO VOTE

May 26:   Deadline to VOTE – 5:00 p.m. EST: ballots must be received by this date and time; and

May 27:    Results will be announced from a Leadership Event in Toronto at the Toronto Congress Centre. Members may also choose to attend/vote at this Event.

How is the voting process going to work?

Your ballot will have the 14 candidates listed on the left and ten boxes listed beside each name.
You can pick a name for first choice, second choice, third choice, and so on.
However, do not feel compelled to select ten names.
Choose 3 to 5 choices maximum, otherwise, you will find yourself voting for a 
candidate that you do not want to win the leadership.

The pro-life/family leadership candidates are Pierre Lemieux and Brad Trost as either first or second choice and Andrew Scheer as third

Websites of Candidates:

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Alert posted February 16, 2017 updated March 29, 2017