ALERT – Sex Education Curriculum in Ontario

//ALERT – Sex Education Curriculum in Ontario

ALERT – Sex Education Curriculum in Ontario


Ottawa, Ontario                                                                                                                                   August 8, 2018

Sex Education Curriculum in Ontario

Dear Friend,

We need help with an important issue.

There is a concern about the repeal of the sex-ed curriculum in Ontario. There has been a lot of noise in the media from those who want to see the awful Wynne sex-ed curriculum remain in classrooms. The Media are opposed to any change. In addition to many articles opposing the changes, deliberately misleading the public on the issue. For example, they showed a demonstration of supporters of the former Liberal leader’s controversial sex-education curriculum, but did not indicate that the demonstration consisted of only 50 people. Instead, they gave the impression that there was a huge crowd present.

The NDP MPPs have been busy speaking against the curriculum change in the Legislature during which they introduce and read aloud in the Legislature petitions from Ontarians who SUPPORT the Wynne sex-ed curriculum!

So far, not one petition from the pro-family side has been presented to the Legislature.

Premier Doug Ford and the PC MPPs need our help.

The Ontario Legislature is still sitting for two more weeks in August and we have a special opportunity before us.

We would like MPPs, every day, to speak for you and your family, for the full repeal of the Wynne sex-ed curriculum.

The organization “Parents as First Educators” (PAFE) has created a paper petition and the goal is just that – to have several MPPs every day, stand and read aloud the petitions in the Ontario Legislature.

Unlike online and electronic petitions, these paper petitions can be formally submitted to the MPPs who are then permitted to read the petitions aloud in the Legislature. These paper petitions must contain original names, addresses and signatures and have been carefully designed to meet the government guidelines.

Can you please help gather signatures from your family and friends over the next few days at BBQs, places of worship, or wherever you go?

There is a narrow window here, just a few days. Please collect at least 10 signatures this weekend. Contact PAFE to get them to Queen’s Park as soon as possible.

Before you do anything, please click this link to read the specific instructions and FAQs.

To download and print the petition, click here.

When you have collected the signatures, call PAFE at 416-763-7233 or email
to arrange for the signed petitions to be picked up.

For the Family,
REAL Women of Canada

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