Abortion Polling – Trudeau and the Canadian Public

//Abortion Polling – Trudeau and the Canadian Public

Abortion Polling – Trudeau and the Canadian Public

REALity October, 2018                                                                                 Ottawa, ON

Abortion Polling – Trudeau and the Canadian Public

As we have learned from polls conducted during elections, we cannot always rely on them to provide us with an accurate assessment of the situation.

In short, polls cannot necessarily be trusted because much depends on the questions asked, their wording, the reliability of the pollster who funded the poll, the sample size, and the method used in conducting the poll, i.e., whether online, or by direct telephone calls.  The latter creates problems in itself in that fewer homes have telephone landlines as many now rely on their cell phones only and those numbers are not always available to the pollsters.

To further confuse polling results, many individuals are not prepared to share their opinions with pollsters.  As a result, a pollster’s life, today, is not a very easy one.

As stated by west coast pro-abortionist, Joyce Arthur, “polls are neither scientific nor objective – not even the best ones.  Their results might indicate general trends, but they should not be relied on as accurate data”.

The one thing that is clear about the abortion issue, however, is that it remains a highly controversial issue and is not perceived as merely a medically neutral procedure as asserted by pro-abortionists.  It is an issue with grave moral implications as well it should be.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tumbled by accident onto the fact that Canadian opinions on abortion are not predictable, when he made the fatal decision to require applicants to sign a pro-abortion attestation when they applied for funding under the federal Summer Jobs Program.

The uproar that followed was unprecedented.  It has also led to many lawsuits against his government, most of which will be argued this fall.

In short, Trudeau fell into a hole of his own making, when he assumed Canadians agreed with his own belief that abortions should be unlimited on the basis that it is a woman’s legal right to have one at her own discretion.  Neither the Charter of Rights, nor domestic, nor international law provide a “right” to abortion.  In Canada, there simply (unbelievably) is no law at all on abortion, either for or against it.

Trudeau is also continually pushing his abortion agenda on the international front, trying to make it an international right.  He does so even when negotiating treaties dealing exclusively with trade issues.  He further tries to have abortion prioritized at international meetings, such as the G7 and the Commonwealth meetings.

World leaders have reacted incredulously to Trudeau’s odd behaviour, and his simple-minded understanding of issues such as his pressing for indigenous rights and gender analysis in trade treaties.  As a result, understandably, world leaders have little respect for Trudeau.  Indeed, more and more Canadians, who had previously decided in the 2015 election to give Trudeau’s sunny ways a chance, now understand his limited grasp of issues.  Trudeau has floundered on every file he has touched, to the detriment of our economy, as well as our social well-being.  Unfortunately, he has little understanding of the multiple dimensions of the issues confronting him.

Like some other weak men, Trudeau is obstinate in that he refuses to back down when his policies fail.  He wants to give the impression of “strength” and “decisiveness”, which are not a part of his character.

What does this mean for Canada`s future?  Definitely, we will face even more troubling times, mounting debt, and international embarrassment with Trudeau as Prime Minister.

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